FSC® and PEFCTM Chain of Custody certification for small companies

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FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody certification is becoming a commercial necessity for more
and more small
companies. If you wish to retain and expand your customer base in a world wher
e the environmental credentials of
timber and wood fibre products are being more and more closely scrutinised, you need certification.

The Oxford Timber Audits Chain of Custody group scheme is one of the largest in the UK, with over 200 members.
It offers chain of custody certification to small companies which have no more than 15 employees.

We provide initial orientation and training to join the scheme, followed by annual audits to ensure that the chain of
custody standards are being met.

Appropriate systems and training must be put in place to cover checking your suppliers, verifying the certification
status of your purchases, keeping materials well segregated and/or labelled, and making appropriate claims on
your sales documentation and marketing materials.

About Us

John Barne, the Group Manager, has been a FSC Chain of Custody assessor since 2000, and has wide experience of certifying companies in all forest product sectors.

Our FSC group scheme is certified by Nepcon, an international team of experts working to foster sustainable land use and climate-friendly solutions.  Our PEFC group scheme is certified by CATG who offer certification, grading and training services across the UK.


About certification

Certification is voluntary but it will give you access to customers who need a guarantee that your timber and wood fibre products come from a known and responsible source.
If you or your customers wish to claim forest products as FSC- or PEFC-certified, or label them with the FSC or PEFC logo, all companies in the chain who have taken legal ownership of those products must have the appropriate Chain of Custody certification, whether they alter the products or not.


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